starting line

I’ve toyed with the idea of starting a personal blog for the past couple of years, but have always ultimately decided against it.  The list of reasons to not blog was lengthy:  I wouldn’t have enough time or motivation to actually write posts, it seems fairly egocentric, I’m not sure I’d want to share the blog with others, just to name a few.

While I haven’t necessarily changed my mind about most of those reasons, a variety of occurrences over the past few months have me reconsidering the worthwhileness of a personal blog.  A job change and related apartment move both mean I have a lot more free time as of late.  I’ve taken up an interest in distance running, which has me searching for a good way to track my training.  Running on a regular basis has also led to a great deal of introspection, especially on long runs, and I find myself eager to capture some of these thoughts in writing.  And, like most people, I tend to have an ever-growing list of things I hope to get around to eventually – books I want to read, an impossibly long Netflix queue, adventures in and out of the city I’ve been meaning to have, subjects about which I’ve always wanted to learn more.  My hope is that this blog can serve as equal parts organization and motivation in accomplishing some of those things.

So here’s to the first of (hopefully) many more posts to follow.


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