inspiration at brooklyn flea

This past June I moved into a new apartment just south of Washington Square Park. I loved my old apartment on Union Square – it was the first apartment in NYC I was able to furnish, the only apartment I lived in for more than a year, the only NYC home Cop had ever known, and I absolutely I loved the work I was doing while I lived there (which was tied to the apartment).

All that being said, in just a few short months, this apartment feels much more like home than my apartment at Carlyle. There are a couple of giant advantages over the old place right from the start: a lot less noise, fewer crowds and less congestion in the area, wood floors, and a balcony. The first thing I did in the new place was paint, since that had always been off limits in former apartments.

After that, I didn’t put too much time into the decor or design, but over the past few weeks I’ve been bit by the design bug and have been plotting and scheming. Excited by some of these ideas, I hit up Brooklyn Flea this Saturday for some inspiration and fell in love with a couple of odds and ends.

1) Vintage/antique pencil sharpeners, like this guy here.

Sadly, none of the ones at the Flea were quite as handsome, so I didn’t pick any up.  I was especially fond of some adorable die cut sharpeners (a cello, a school house, and a horse) but again, they were a little too worn to make good displays.  Definitely found myself a new eBay hobby, though.

2) Raku pottery which I spotted at the City Owl.  I’ve been doing some more internet hunting, and I’m particularly drawn to pieces that have rich, coppery tones such as these:

(The first and last pieces are by nature of clay; the second is by Highland Raku.  Both artists are on Etsy.)

3)  A vintage alarm clock for my nightstand .  Admittedly, I want one partly so I can move my current alarm/radio into the bathroom since I currently can’t hear NPR when I’m in the shower.  My addiction knows no shame.

4) Industrial lighting and upscaled wood.  There’s no shortage of images I could post here, so in the interest of time, I’d better not even start.

Let the scavenging begin!


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