feast or famine

Sadly, over a month has passed since my last post.  A quick overview of the past six weeks makes me realize that while the blog has been starving for a post, I mostly ate and drank my way through the last month and a half.  Clearly, life is good. =)

November in a nutshell: a trip to the Chocolate Show, two cheese tasting excursions, hosting a duck dinner party, my first experience with jury duty, Turkey Trotting as a new Thanksgiving tradition, and an awful bout with the flu.

December thus far: adventures with Steph at the Standard, discovery of a new favorite restaurant (L’Artusi), getting into Gramercy Park, a fantastic trip back to California (cookie baking, Disneyland, family dinners), lots of planning and prep to host Christmas Eve dinner,  and my first ever NYC Christmas tree!

Some of the above warrant their own entries at a later date, but the CliffsNotes version will have to suffice for now.


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