the last word on christmas

I think the statue of limitations on posting holiday photos is quickly approaching, so I thought I’d better get these in before they become completely irrelevant.

Christmas Eve Dinner Centerpiece

I completely neglected to take any pictures of the feast (which was incredible) or the company (which was even better).  Joanna, Stacy, Emily (Stacy’s mother, as opposed to her fiancee), and philosophy professor Ben (as opposed to English teacher Ben) all came over for the big night.  Shorty, Stacy’s dog, was also present, though he spent most of the evening in the kitchen, cowering from Cop.  On the menu was a dry aged prime rib roast, brussles sprouts with radicchio & pancetta, corn souffle (which Stacy made so I can’t share the recipe), meatballs and lasagna (recipes which have been sworn to secrecy), and homemade honey wheat dinner rolls.

Rosemary Gin Fizz

Cocktail hour included the rosemary gin fizz, dates wrapped in bacon, and four or five different cheeses.  (I think I’ve reached a point where it’s almost impossible to have a dinner party without this element.)  For dessert, Joanna made an amazing pear gruyere pie.  (Sidednote: I should also mention that the centerpiece pictured above wouldn’t have been possible with Jo, either; my hunt for floating candles the day of was completely fruitless, and she came to my rescue with a last-minute trip to Pier 1.)  An assortment of homemade Christmas cookies, schlepped back to NYC from my December trip to California, rounded out the meal.

Speaking of California….while I was out there, my mom, sister,  and I spent the day at Disneyland.  One of my big goals for the day was to find Greta’s Christmas gift, since she’s currently obsessed with all things Disney and Disney princesses.  Wandering through the princess gift shop in Fantasyland, I spotted this Sleeping Beauty castle and knew instantly that it was perfect.

The first picture is a little dark, but she was absolutely wild about it.  Immediately after Greta opened the castle, she was totally oblivious to the rest of the world (which also explains the lack of eye contact in take two…).

Greta's Sleeping Beauty Castle

Play Time!










Greta, Kate, and Lyn were super thoughtful and gave me a subscription to The Week; after just a few issues, I’m officially hooked. Even better, I got a year full of Greta in calendar form.  Here’s the calendar girl in January:


Believe it or not, there are even cuter pictures in months to come, so check back for a new Greta pose on the first of every month.


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