winter trees

Winter weather can be brutal, but I also happen to think it creates some gorgeous landscapes.  This winter in particular I’ve been captivated by images of winter trees.  It started a few weeks ago when I traveled to western Massachusetts to see a couple of friends, both of whom live in the Amherst area.  The last time I visited it was late July or early August; lush, green trees and snaky blue rivers rolled by my train window.  On this past visit, I was struck by how winter had completely transformed the exact same view.

I felt compelled to try and capture the scene on video, but the video camera on my BlackBerry didn’t quite do the landscape justice.  Here it is nonetheless.

I had a variety of adventures that weekend, but one of the highlights was a Sunday drive with Ben*.  Massachusetts was already covered in snow by the time I got into town (as evidenced by the train video), but there was a fresh layer on Sunday due to a light dusting the night before.  After brunch at the Green Street Cafe, we went for a long, meandering drive through the area, specifically on the hunt for trees with lots of snowy branches.  We ended up at Ashfield Lake, where we wandered out onto the snowy docks.  We thought about testing how frozen the lake was, but ultimately decided against it and opted instead to get hot chocolate at Elmer’s, the general store down the road.  This was hands down the best cup of hot chocolate I’ve ever had – the perfect combination of rich, chocolatey texture without being so thick that you felt like you were drinking a candy bar.  After our chilly lake excursion, it definitely hit the spot.

Elmer’s Hot Chocolate

Maybe one reason I enjoy winter so much is because little things like hot chocolate are so much easier to appreciate when it’s brutally cold out.  Delicious winter treats aside, the more I look at snowy tree branches the more I fall in love with them.  I’m thinking about doing something like this on the wall by my bed.  It’s in desperate need of some element of design, but I’m not sure I’ll appreciate the look as much come summer.

Western Mass

Western Mass 2







*English teacher Ben (sometimes referred to as motorcycle Ben), as opposed to philosophy professor Ben.


2 responses to “winter trees

  1. I thought you enjoyed winter so much because as I recall many moons ago after a bar crawl you exclaimed “I’m most beautiful in the winter time!”

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