when everything feels like the movies

After that title, I’m highly tempted to do a series of posts where I only write in lyrics from 90s songs…

But, really, the silver screen has featured prominently as of late.  There is, of course, the fact that the Oscars aired last weekend a couple of weekends ago.  (I started to write this a couple of weeks ago, then got gobbled up by work life and am just getting back to finish this post now…)  At the beginning of February, Joanna and I decided that we should go all out this year and throw an Oscar Extravaganza party – themed food and drinks, winner takes-all Oscar pool, and good times for all.  Our Type-A personalities resulted in two separate planning meetings to discuss party options and execution details.  (Side note: this is one of the many reasons traveling with Joanna makes me happy.)

Most importantly, we needed to nail down the menu, meaning that every Best Picture Nominee needing to be represented via food or drink.  After much debate, we settled on the following:

*127 Hours – Trail Mix
*Black Swan – Black and White Russians
*The Fighter – Sam Adams Boston Lager
*Inception – Three-Layer Chocolate Raspberry Cake
*The Kids Are Alright – Wine and Sour Patch Kids
*The King’s Speech – Tea Sandwiches
*The Social Network – Facebook Cookies (This one was a bit of a cop out, admittedly. We just didn’t want to serve appletinis.)
*Toy Story 3 – Fruit Roll-Ups, Juice Boxes, and Peanut Butter Cracker Sandwiches
*True Grit– Grits
*Winter’s Bone – Chicken Wings and Boneless Wings (for vegetarian friends)

Oscar Spread Take One

Oscar Spread Take Two

Oscar Spread Take Three

Philosophy Ben added to the deliciousness with carrot cake and Tony brought a Snickerdoodle salad, which were quickly re-named “Down the Rabbit Hole Cake” and “Apples in Wonderland Salad” respectively, so that they could earn a place on the nomination table. (This should give you a better idea of the Type-A factor at play here, in case you weren’t already aware…)

If you were hoping for a review of the actual show, or commentary on Red Carpet fashion, I’m afraid you’ll have to look elsewhere. (Perhaps here or here.) Thanks to many, many White Swan Russians, all I really know about that night’s festivities is that everyone at our party had a great time, my sister would love Cate Blanchett’s dress, NYU got a shout out, and I somehow managed to correctly predict/guess 18 out of 24 of the winners, meaning I tied Joanna for the cash pot.

In other movie news, I had the pleasure of joining Mikey B on last Thursday evening at a cocktail party for the Tribeca Film Institute/Sloan Foundation. The shindig was on the Lower East Side at the Hotel Chantelle, which, as it turns out, is a bar with no hotel attached.  Clever, no?  From the exterior, you’d likely not know the bar is even there and would probably walk by it a few times without some much as a double take.  But once you’re inside, the place is quite lovely – rich mahogany wood, red pin-tucked leather, and dim lighting that manages to also be warm.  It’s got a classy, handsome feel that I was very much digging.

The Sloan Foundation is dedicated to supporting art that brings concepts of science and technology to non-science audiences through film, TV, and other media.  Like the Oscar party, I’d be hard pressed to give much detail about the night’s affairs.  (Unlike the Oscar party, this time I was drunk purely on good company.)  But, I can tell you that this guy Robert Cohen won the inaugural study grand jury prize for screen writing.   As it turns out, this was actually my second encounter with the Sloan Foundation.  Back in 2006, my friend Jon was awarded a Sloan Foundation Production Grant for his short film Extropy.  The film premiered a few years later in the 2009 NYU First Run Film Festival, and in addition to being an incredible achievement for Jon, the occasion ended up being a nice mini-reunion for our crew of undergrad friends.  Speaking of which, this upcoming weekend will be a similar reunion (minus the film and achievement factors), as tomorrow evening I’m hosting Rabbit Fest 2011, the much-anticipated sequel to Duck Fest 2010.

I’m crossing my fingers that all recipes will go as planned, and that documentation of this occasion will be much more timely than the Oscar party recap.


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