As mentioned in my last post, the spring ultimate season is underway. While MUD’s (Manhattan Ultimate Disc) casual league officially started the weekend before last, this past Saturday marked the start of my season, as I sadly missed the first round of games due to a work commitment. We play 2 games every weekend, and while our 0-4 record means that our team (the Robot Alien Zombie Island Ninja Strippers) is in last place, we’re a damn fun team. And, more importantly, we have some really knowledgeable players who have a knack for teaching the game. I’m particularly excited about this factor, since it’s only my second season. (It would have been my third, had I not tragically broken my ankle 3 weekends in during the summer of 2009…)

Last weekend’s games were cold, windy, and rainy. While discs (just like mopped floors and the Van Halen album) are slippery when wet, I do find it oddly satisfying to lay out in the mud. Exhibit A, below. This will, perhaps, clarify things for my sister, who was quite perplexed by my MUDdy status update on Facebook this weekend.

A MUDdy close-up

Covered in MUD, and quite proud


2 responses to “MUDdy

  1. So happy to think that not only did you enjoy the MUDdy day, but happy that now you too will know the “joys” of trying to get grungy athletic clothes clean!! I gladly pass on that mantle and wish that all my children will enjoy that muddy challenge!

    • Yeah, after I washed that shirt, it’s still muddy… What is it about mud that is so impossible to wash out? It’s just dirt and water!

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