blog(s) of the week(s): you are not so smart & esther from the sticks & royaboya’s beautiful useables

My sister was in town last week, and in the midst of all our galavanting, I neglected to stay on top of the newly introduced Friday blog of the week post.  In an effort to make up for lost time, I’m bringing you not one, but two new blogs this week.  (And yes, I realize it’s Saturday, but better late than never.)

First, feast your brain on You Are Not So Smart.  I’m partial to this blog for a few reasons.  I have a penchant for both random knowledge (hence my love of trivia) and studies that attempt to explain human behavior (hence why I studied psychology in undergrad).  You Are Not So Smart is devoted to explaining certain behavioral phenomena; more specifically, it’s all about explaining how we delude ourselves on a routine basis.  Disclaimer – the author isn’t a psychologist; he’s a journalist who covers findings from psychology and economics which pertain to human behavior.  Mosey on over and find out more about why we procrastinate, why venting doesn’t actually make you less angry, and how introspection is a bit of a sham.

After you’ve read a few posts there, give your brain a break and your eyes a treat with stylings by Esther From the Sticks.  Esther has a knack for designing lovely articles of clothing, as well as composing visually captivating scenes.  She weaves these talents together by having mini-photo shoots each time she completes a sewing project.  A few of my favorite scenes can be found here, here, and here.

Disclaimer number two: I stumbled across Esther From the Sticks based on a friend’s recommendation.  She happens to have her own awesome blog, Royaboya’s Beautiful Useables.  Despite being one of the busiest and most productive people I’ve ever met, she manages to make time to create and sell accessories on Etsy, which you should go buy up in bunches.

Oh, look at that…you’ve now got three blogs instead of two.  Go forth and follow!


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