blog(s) of the week(s): indexed & is anything worse than…

I’ve been quite the lazy blogger as of late, which means I’m once again making up for lost time with a 2 for 1 blog of the week post.  And it’s once again not on a Friday.  (For those of you keeping score at home, I’m one for five for sticking to that Friday thing…)   Fortunately, the lack of posts this time around is for good reasons: lovely pre-summer weather + a busy social calendar = very little time spent in front of the MacBook.

I first discovered Indexed back in grad school.  At the time, my boss and I were both going through a phase where we got a kick out of summing up any and all work projects through Venn diagrams, which we displayed on giant post-its strewn about the office.  This quickly became a mini-obsession outside of work, as well, and my good friend Seth, knowing my penchant for this nerdiness, pointed me towards this gem of a blog.  Jessica Hagy, the author, brilliantly tackles subjects ranging from serious to silly to somewhere in between.  Given that I discovered this site in grad school, I’d be remiss not to mention one of my all-time favorite posts, a play on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.  (Technically, this blog may violate some of the blog of the week rules I initially made up since it’s well-followed and might not count as under the radar.  But it’s fantastic nonetheless, and I felt like sharing it.)

Speaking of fantastic, you should also check out the brilliantly bitter rants on Is There Anything Worse Than…  As is often the case of blogs I feature here, the author is a friend, but I promise you’ll laugh out loud at her reflections even if you don’t know who she is.  If you’ve ever hated your fellow plane passengers, been catcalled on the street, or wanted to gauge your eyes out after hearing a horrible TV jingle, this blog’s for you.

Go forth and follow!


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