are you there, blog? it’s me, trez

I think it’s a bit of an understatement to say that I’ve been neglecting the blogging life.  Let me explain.  No, there is too much – let me sum up.  (Inigo Montoya, anyone?)

When last we met, I was in the full throes of marathon training and had just conquered a 16-mile run, which was a new distance PR for me at the time.  A few days later, The Guy flew out to NYC to celebrate my birthday, so I took an intentional hiatus.  (Because, really, when you only get to see each other for about a week at a time every few months, who wants to spend any of that time wrapped up in a lap top?  Not this gal.)  Shortly after that, my boss had the amazing opportunity to spend a few months working on a project in Shanghai.  In her absence, though, we were stretched a bit thin at work, so between extra hours at the office and marathon training, blogging was a habit that quickly went the way of the dinos.  (Especially since I was already struggling to post on a semi-regular basis.)  Much like the stages of grief, lapsed bloggers go through phases that progress something like this:

  • Stage One – miss blogging
  • Stage Two – feel oddly guilty about not writing for an extended period of time
  • Stage Three – guilt dissipates, but writing a catch-up post seems like an insurmountable task
  • Stage Four – completely forget about blog
  • Stage Five – rediscover blog on a random Wednesday night and decide, inexplicably, that a catch-up post right this minute is a great idea

(Okay, maybe I just made up that model right now, but I’d be willing to bet there are others out there who can identify with it.)

As for the catching up part, here’s a quick re-cap of things I probably would have written about had I been on top of my blogging game.  And, to keep this from getting reaaaallly long, I think it makes sense to do it in picture form:

I ran the NYC Marathon on November 6th, 2011 and it was one of the most incredible days of my life. I then stole this picture from Brightroom.

I spent Thanksgiving in Texas, where Stacy and Emily had a lovely wedding shower. It's totally normal in Texas to shoot rifles after eating loads of turkey, and everyone should have at least one Thanksgiving like this in their lifetime.

I was in California for Christmas and New Year's with my family and The Guy, which was wonderful in every way possible.

I also got to see my entire extended family at my Grandma's 80th surprise birthday party. She'd be very upset that I'm posting her age in such a public format. Fact: these two can seriously dance.

I officially fell in love with The Guy. And not just because he buys awesome Christmas presents like my Garmin watch. Also, The Guy (whose real name is Chris) is a nickname from his friends, not me, but I use it because it makes me laugh.

After being back in NYC for less than 2 weeks, I hopped back on a plane to California to surprise my sister for her birthday. She was quite pleased.

After 10 years of life in NYC and at NYU, I officially submitted a resignation letter last month so that I can relocate to California come August. Mainly so I can start a life with this guy that will (hopefully) involve many more pictures of me pretending to be a Chinese foo dog.

Obviously, I did a lot of other things in the past few months, but those are the highlights.  There’s definitely a couple of items above that warrant full posts of their own, so maybe if I’m feeling inspired in the near future I’ll get around to the non-Cliffs notes version.

But now that we’re all on the same page, I’m hoping that Stage 6 – becoming a more habitual blogger –  is about to begin.


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