cop tales: adventures in suburbia

Dear Uncles Teddy and Gunner,

Recently, I was going through Therese’s email (what’s a pup to do when left home alone all day), and I came across an email that mentioned how upset you were by her most recent post.  Rest assured, while one of the reasons she’s moving across country has to do with The Guy, there are many other reasons not listed.  I happen to know first hand that she’s also looking forward to a life that includes more photos like this one:

Happiness is a warm pup

Just so we’re clear, I’ll be in all of these photos as well.  She belonged to me first, you know.

In other news, Therese and I headed down to Virginia this weekend for a brief taste of the suburban life that awaits me come August.  (Apparently, the trip was also about some party or something, but I was mostly along for the ride.  And the backyard that I got to play in.  And all the delicious turkey that people kept feeding me throughout the party.)  After a brief weekend trip to suburbia, I learned a couple of important things.

1) I am an excellent co-pilot, provided that you don’t expect your co-pilot to help navigate, read street signs, or change the radio.  But if you’re looking for someone to sit regally, stick his head out the window to get all those reaaaaallly good smells, or smudge up the windows, I’m your guy.

Have no fear, Co-Pilot Copperfield is here

Side note: please don’t show that photo to the car rental company.  Upon returning the car, the staff asked Therese whether or not a dog had been in the car.  She replied that she had a six year old traveling with her.  She did not say the six-year-old was human, and therefore did not lie.

2) There are not any signs like the one below when passing through Chesapeake City, Maryland.  I’m currently trying to organize a letter writing campaign to get this resolved.

3)  Much like the Dixie Chicks, I prefer wide open spaces.  I ran on trails and in open fields.  I pranced through backyards.  It was heaven.

Whose got four paws and got to go for a 4-mile Sunday morning run on this trail? This dog.

4.  Apparently, there is such thing as too much turkey.  (I don’t actually believe this, but I heard Therese say something to that effect every time she had to clean up after me on walks for the past 36 hours.  Also, there has been a whole lot of rice in my dinner bowl lately.  I think the two are somehow connected.)

Get that backyard ready for me, guys, and I’ll be there soon.

Very Truly Yours,

Copperfield S. Grande


One response to “cop tales: adventures in suburbia

  1. Dear Nephew,

    We quite enjoyed your post and, of course, our photo. You’re pretty good looking yourself in the co-pilot stance; we aren’t allowed in the front seat ourselves. We don’t understand why not since we normally sit where we like regardless of what our humans want.

    Please convey to your mother, all is forgiven. We look forward to joining you in a group dogpile on her when you arrive. Until then, we will continue to customize the backyard to our liking and, hopefully, yours.

    Best wishes,
    Gunner and Teddy

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