taking stock

When I was in California visiting my family for the holiday, my sister mentioned that she was a much bigger fan of reading my blog before it became all “running, running, blah, blah, running.”  (I’m paraphrasing here, but that was the general sentiment.)  I’ve been thinking about that lately, which prompted me to look back at some old posts.  In doing so, I rediscovered last year’s resolutions.  There’s really no purpose in resolutions and to-do-lists if you don’t cross things off the list, so here’s how I fared last year.

Definitely Accomplished

  • Stick to a monthly budget
  • Put at least 20% of my income this year towards savings  (I have Mint.com to thank for helping me accomplish these first two tasks.)
  • Run my first marathon

When you run a marathon, perks include shiny medals, free stuff, and getting your name in The New York Times.

  • Run 9 New York Road Runner races so that I gain automatic entry for the 2012 NYC Marathon
  • Take better advantage of New York City – go to a lecture, live theatre performance, concert, or museum at least once a month


A siseee outing to Wonderland was probably one of the highlights of this goal. Not because of the actual performance, but because my Alice-in-Wonderland-obsessed-sister was oh so excited.

  • Travel to one location outside the United States

Costa Rica = Heaven

  • Install Elfa shelves on the living room wall

Happy pup, handsome shelves

  • Start a gardening project on the balcony

Starting a garden is easy...

Keeping it alive is not

Occasionally Accomplished

  • Read two books a month
  • Blog once a week
  • Watch at least 2 movies on my Netflix queue each month

Total Fail

  • Apply to a graduate program for social work
  • Get furniture for the balcony
  • Finish turning the corner of my bedroom space into a reading nook
  • Come up with some type of art/design scheme for the bedroom wall
  • Give the kitchen and bathroom a mini-remodel
  • Learn how to play the guitar
  • Learn how to knit

It’s actually not the worst track record in the world, all things considered.  For starters, of the three categories, the list of things accomplished is (just barely) the longest.  And in terms of the things that didn’t get done, the first five things were actually intentionally abandoned sometime towards the end of the summer when Chris and I started talking about the California move.  Knowing that I’d only be in my current spot for another year, sinking any money into the home improvement projects I’d schemed up   back in January and February didn’t make much sense.  Similarly, it seemed like a better option to wait until I was in California to establish residency and apply to MSW programs there.

As for the rest of things I didn’t accomplish – or didn’t accomplish on a regular enough basis to consider a success – I guess that’s a good starting point for this year’s list of to-dos.


3 responses to “taking stock

    • weekly stitch and bitch sessions, please! I’m envisioning girls’ night with plenty of wine, knitting needles, and BtVS in the background =)

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