greetings from middle america

As I write this, we’re hitting the halfway point on our road trip across America. Initially, I has big plans of blogging throughout each leg of the trip. As it turns out, though, with driving, sightseeing, and soaking up the adventures (both planned and spontaneous), there hasn’t been too much downtime along the way to bust out the old MacBook every evening. For the sake of chronicling our journey for years to come, I’ll probably still write out each chapter once I’ve landed in California. (Funemployment will certainly provide the time to do so.). For now, though, here are some highlights from the first half of our trek across America.

Our first drive took us from NYC to Cleveland, where we spent two nights. We hit up the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and Indians game, and poked around the Cleveland Browns stadium and pro shop. This ultimately led to us deciding to see as many NFL stadiums as possible on this trip.

Cincinnati wasn’t on our original route, but it was a fun detour. Plus we feasted on some infamous Skyline Chili.

After our Cincy detour, we were back on track to pass though Indianapolis before settling in to St. Louis for three nights.

Most of our time in St. Louis was devoted to catching up with (or in my case, meeting) Chris’s family. We were fortunate to get a much quality time as possible with his mom, grandmother, grandfather, brother, aunt, and cousin as possible. Chris hadn’t passed through St. Louis in 6 years, so the time wasn’t long enough, but we were super grateful for the time we did have. We also had the chance to take in some traditional St. Louis sights: the arch, Grant’s farm, and Edward Jones Dome.

After some teary goodbyes on our third morning in St. Louis, we hit the road north. We made a brief stop in Kansas City for Arrowhead Stadium and delicious, delicious BBQ before landing in Omaha that night.

My college roommate and her boyfriend David were gracious enough to host us in Omaha, and they greeted us with a mouthwatering steak dinner. We brunched the next morning and cruised through Omaha in David’s sweet ride (a ’56 Chevy 210) before heading west again. Joey tipped us off to Carhenge in Alliance, NE, which is exactly what it sounds like, and exactly the kind of stop you want to make on a cross-country road trip.

All in all, the first week has been perfect. We’re currently heading north to Custer State Park in South Dakota for our first night of camping. After that, we’ll be in and around Yellowstone for the following three nights, followed by a hotel night in Salt Lake City (showers and fantasy football drafts await!), then more camping in Tahoe and down the coast of California. Our initial plan was to head to Vegas after Utah, but somewhere between Cincinnati and St. Louis we opted for a more scenic ride for the last days of our trip. Plus we get two more nights of camping and a couple of extra stadiums this way. :)

I’m looking forward to writing about our camping adventures in about a week, but if you’re interested in more real-time updates, check out my Twitter feed (which you can link to or follow from the home page of this site).

20120812-143458.jpgAny tips for the last week of our Summer of Love road trip? (We’re still undecided on our Northern California area camping spot, so suggestions welcome!) Requests for cheesy postcards or specific photo ops? Leave a comment and let us know!


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