Equal parts: running log, personal reflections, reviews of things I’ve read/seen/heard lately, foodie adventures, chronicles of apartment renovations and design projects, and a way to keep family and friends who are far from NYC in the loop about my goings on.

Navel-gazing at its finest?  Probably.  Interesting enough to justify aforementioned navel-gazing?  Here’s to hoping so.

The background (and header) photo is a shot I randomly captured at a work event.  The quality isn’t great, since it was taken with my phone, but I like the composition of it regardless.  Someone asked me recently about the title, and in case you’re also wondering, it’s a Lucinda Williams song off one of my all-time favorite albums, Car Wheels on a Gravel Road.  At the time, the song just happened to be stuck in my head, so there was zero significance in the choice whatsoever.  The metal firecracker in the song refers to Lucinda’s tour bus (which I didn’t know until recently), and at least a couple of people believe it documents her relationship while touring with Chris Isaak’s bass player, Rowland Salley.  Clearly, no obvious ties for either of those stories.  But on the bright side, you now know a whole lot more about that song than you’ll ever need.


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